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December  6, 2017


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 Change Makers & Life Savers: Celebrate 10 Years of  Excellence in Human Service.

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832-301-4808 or 713-214-81-0931 Evening


We Can Change Your Life. Career, & Earning Potential is 24 hours

Classes fees began at $100.00 to give everyone an opportunity to train & succeed.

This training can be for one day or five days. The longer you train the more certifications you can receive.

Go to our partner: Health & Human Service Academy   to sign up. Housing Programs sign up to nominate a women in need of training. No catch no gimmicks.

Thank you to the Mayor, Elected Officials , & Supporters who help us serve 200 families in Garden City Apartments


Because Houston Loves You is a 501(c3) Texas non-profit human service corporation, located in Houston, Texas. Because Houston Loves You mission is to provide  holistic human service that improves the quality of life of individuals in their community. We are committed to eliminating human suffering and improving the lives of individuals in their community.  Because Houston Loves You provide case managers, counselors, and public health professional and volunteers work together to improve the lives of men, women, and children in their community.  Our efforts  began in 2003 with Take a Loved One to the Doctor. Numerous city proclamations and amazing support for the the Houston community has made human service a reality in the Houston Metropolitan, Urban, & Rural Communities.  Today case managers and a multidisciplinary team of human service professionals seek to create access to health, basic human needs, and mental wellness. Basic needs, emotional well-being, and economic well-being is essential to becoming healthy.   Because Houston Loves mission expanded to ending homelessness and developing programs to facilitate self-sufficiency. As the number of homeless and abandoned youth rises across the state and nation, we join forces with numerous organizations provide a pathway to self-sufficiency. The goal of Because Houston Loves You is to provide  interventions that bridge members of society and various subsystems of  society into a network of support (Eriksen, 1977, p. 10). We posit that access to quality healthcare, education, mental health services, job training and career development is key to  self-sufficiency.

Because Houston Loves You provides after school programs, parent education, health literacy, career guidance, and counseling in housing projects, rural churches, and urban neighborhoods. Today we join with Second Chance Technology Edge to provide academic remediation and credit recovery; we partner with the Health & Human Service Academy to provide healthcare, health promotion, and the Teen Parents Baby Closet and Pantry. Join our efforts with numerous organizations committed to providing a  pathway to self-sufficiency; become a partner in Houston health and economic well-being. Health begins with you!